Happy Anniversary!!

     Happy New Year from your friends at Premier Window Tinting!
As the year comes to a close, we, as most, take a look back at the year gone by and reflect on the events, trials , and tribulations , that brought us to this place and this time.  The people, places and events that shaped our year, and the fun and not so fun times that are such an integral part of who we are and what we do on a daily basis, that made our year what it was.
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Only the BEST film is used here - Suntek Films


At a glance…
Our carbon film is our “good” film.
Non reflctive black finish
Limited lifetime warranty
Glare reduction
UV protection
Heat reduction…
Light 35 = 38% heat rejection
Medium 25 = 40% heat rejection
Dark 18 = 44% heat rejection
CXP...this is the really good stuff….
Infrared reduction
Limited lifetime warranty
Will not fade
Non- metal hybrid technology
Heat reduction...
Light 35 = 53% heat rejection
Medium = 52% heat rejection
Dark 18 = 55% heat rejection
Ceramic is our high tech…and the best out there.
Ceramic hybrid carbon technology
Limited lifetime warranty
Will not fade
Great glare reduction
Heat reduction
Light 70 = 46% rejection
Medium 30 = 55% rejection
Dark 20 = 58% rejection
/siteimages/b2e92b0993714f4db2195524309d6967.gifThis is INCREDIBLE!
My Truck was a mess! Now it is like NEW! Thank you Premier Window Tinting - WALT..... You ROCK SIR!
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