Happy Anniversary!!


 Happy New Year from your friends at Premier Window Tinting!
     As the year comes to a close, we, as most, take a look back at the year gone by and reflect on the events, trials , and tribulations , that brought us to this place and this time.  The people, places and events that shaped our year, and the fun and not so fun times that are such an integral part of who we are and what we do on a daily basis, that made our year what it was.
     You know that old adage about when one door closes….
Well…. I have to say Walt and I wanted to keep a good thing going , and indeed we did. As we wind down the year we wanted to take the time to say thank you. Thank you to the continued support from our wonderful loyal customers that have come back to Premier ( aka Downtown Station) to take care of their tinting needs as well as their exterior detail needs. And thank you to our new friends. Without you we would not be able to continue. Thank you for trusting Premier with such an important part of your life… your car. It has been our pleasure.
     Walter is a true journeyman at his craft! He has been tinting for over 34 years and has taken his skill set to a new level. Not only taking care of your tinting needs , he has now gone on to another avenue of protecting one of the biggest investments most of us ever make besides a home, your car. Ceramic coating. It is truly one of the best protectants out there on the market today and worth looking into.
     We are proud to say that our first year in our new shop has been stellar ( for our first year),  and we are going strong! Thanks largely due to Walt’s expertise in his field and from our continued support from people like you that are helping to put us on the map( google map, that is) . As we move into this next year Walter and I would just like to say that we appreciate each and everyone of you that have called , come in, and helped us by giving us glowing reviews on a job well done. 
     We wish everyone the very best New Year to come and hope it will be prosperous and fruitful for all! We wish  everyone good health, happiness , and good fortune!! We hope to hear from you!!!!!
                               Thanks again!!
                                  Walt & Wendy Graham
                                 Premier Window Tinting
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